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This is a 1:1 real life scale model of a pokeball. It's a higly detailled model, both inside and outside, with a very discreet integrated hinge, and a working push-switch to open/close it. Perfect for pokemon trainer cosplay or as a display piece.

It's composed of a lower frame, upper frame, 2 half-shells, a switch, and 8 panels. The parts simply snap into each other, and can give a good result straight from the printer, but a bit of DIY for the mirror panels and minor details will give an even better result, like in the pictures below.

An optionnal Nintendo Switch cartridges holder can be snapped on/off inside.

Copyright disclaimer: This is a personnal project, and I only claim copyright on my own work (3D models, props, pictures, artworks, and anything else that I have personnally produced during the course of this project.The copyright for the concept of the "Pokeball" from "Pokemon" belongs to Nintendo. I am in no way associated to Nintendo.

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