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This is a 1:1 real life scale model of a pokeball in it's small form, when the pokeball has been reduced to it's small storage size to hang at the pokemon trainer's belt, bag strap, store in a bag, pocket, wherever you put your pokeballs. Perfect for pokemon trainer cosplay or as a display piece.

The Small Pokeball itself is composed of a lower half, upper half, and ring. The parts simply snap into each other and no further work is required.

The pokeball holder part allows you to store/grab the pokeball easily by just pushing/pulling it into/from the clip, and comes in two types:

The belt/strap clip type holder can be clipped on a belt, a bag strap, t-shirt sleeve, anywhere you want.

The flat base type holder has a flat base instead of a belt clip, with holes in it, so you can sew it on whatever you want that doesn't have straps to clip it to (you can also glue a piece of velcro on the flat base for easy on/off).

Accessorily, my small pokeballs are 40mm in diameter, which is exactly the same as ping-pong balls, so the holder parts will work for holding ping-pong balls.

Copyright disclaimer: This is a personnal project, and I only claim copyright on my own work (3D models, props, pictures, artworks, and anything else that I have personnally produced during the course of this project.The copyright for the concept of the "Pokeball" from "Pokemon" belongs to Nintendo. I am in no way associated to Nintendo.

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